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Spruce Elementary School

    The Cougar Credo

    Spruce Cougars join and proudly say We respect our community everyday.

    We hold our teachers in high regard,

    We try our best and always work hard.

    So turn to a neighbor and let's remind,

    That Spruce Elementary is the BEST YOU'LL FIND!


    Spruce PBIS behavior expectation matrices for public places at Spruce, including: bathrooms, cafeteria, playground, and library/resource room.

    Student Absences

    School Absence Reporting

    The State of California requires that all parents must contact the school when their child is absent either by phone or note.  Spruce School has an absence line available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  For student absences, please call your student's school and provide a secretary or school faculty member the following information:

    1. The name of your student.
    2. Grade of student.
    3. The name of your student's teacher.
    4. Reason for student's absences.

    Spruce main office number: (650) 877-8780. Messages can be left at any time 24/7.

    Hablamos español

    Spirit Days
    • August 31, 2018 (Team Gear Day)
    • September 28, 2018 (Color Day)
    • October 26, 2018 (Athletic Day)
    • November 30, 2018 (College Spirit Day)
    • December 20, 2018 (Pajama Day)
    • January 31, 2019 (Superhero Day)
    • February 28, 2019 (Twin Day)
    • March 22, 2019 (Crazy Hair Day)
    • April 26, 2019 (Express Yourself Day)
    • May 24, 2019 (Aloha Day)
    Visitors on Camups

    Anyone coming on campus must sign in at the main office.  Keeping our children safe is the highest priority and knowing who is on campus helps us do that. If a staff member sees anyone on campus who is not wearing a visitor sticker, they will be asked to report directly to the office.

    Visitas en la escuela

    Cualquiera que viene a la escuela debe pasar a la oficina a firmar.  Manteniendo seguros a nuestros niños es nuestra  más alta prioridad y sabiendo quien esta es la escuela nos ayuda a hacer esto. Si un miembro del personal ve a alguien que no tiene una calcomanía de visitante, le pedirá que se reporte a la oficina.

    Volunteering and Field Trips

    Our District Office and teachers have clarified the procedures for volunteering at all sites to increase the security and safety of all our students. Parents, if you want to volunteer in the classroom or go on field trips, it is very important to start the volunteer processes. The office Staff is keeping track of all the people who are/want to go through the volunteering processes.  This processes can take 1 month to complete, please start as soon as possible. The volunteer applications are also available in Spanish. For more information about volunteering, please come by the front office.

    Spruce Spirit Shirts
    Show your Spruce pride by purchasing a Spruce t-shirt to wear every Friday! We have received a new shipment of spirit shirts and we are eager to get them out to all our students and their families. Please come by the office to get your shirt. The cost is only $10.
    Early Dismissal!
    Every Wednesday Grades 1st - 5th Early Dismissal 1:46. Parents, it is extremely important that you pick up your child on time during early dismissal days. We are seeing an increase of children being picked up late, especially on early release days. If you know that you are going to have a tight schedule, please make sure that you make arrangements to have a family member or friend, that is on the emergency card pick up your child. Please mark your calendar and make sure that you pick up your child on time.
    Spruce Policy Reminder Morning Drop Off
    Parents, remember there is NO adult supervision on the playground before 8:15 a.m.. If your child is eating breakfast they must go straight to the cafeteria. If they are not eating breakfast they MUST be supervised by their parent. Teachers supervise students at 8:15 a.m., it is not safe for students to be outside alone.
    Students Running After School

    Parents please help enforce our safe walking policy at Spruce Elementary by speaking with you children, especially after school. Lately Spruce staff has observed a large number of students running after school. This seems to be a common occurrence at Spruce lately after school. We do remind students over the loud speaker and put information in regards to this matter on our parent newsletter. I will continue to remind students to walk, but it would be very helpful if parents could also reinforce the policy by reminding students daily until we get this under control. Thank you for your support.

    Ways to Earn $ for Spruce

    Don’t forget! We collect box tops for education in the Spruce Office. Please bring them in any time!                                       

    Hillside Preschool Program

    Hillside Preschool Program flyer

    Uniform Citations

    Students must come to school with navy blue bottoms (NO jeans, no leggings without a skirt or shorts) and a white top with collar.  As a reminder, a copy of the uniform policy was sent home again.  Please make sure your child comes to school in uniform every day.  If they are not in uniform, you may receive a call to bring them the appropriate clothes, along with a uniform citation.


    Citación de Uniforme

    Los estudiantes deben venir a la escuela con pantalones o faldas azul marino (NO jeans, no leggins sin una falda o pantalones cortos) y camisa o blusa blanca con cuello.  Como un recordatorio, una copia de la política del uniforme fue mandada a casa otra.  Por favor asegúrese que su niño venga a la escuela en  uniforme todos los días.  Si no están en uniforme, usted puede recibir una llamada para que le traiga ropa apropiada, junto con una citación del uniforme

    Principal's Message

    December, 2018

    Dear Spruce Families,

    Rehearsing what is learned at school is very important for your children to internalize and learn the new material. When children learn something in order for this to stick it needs to be practiced. It is very important to decide on a consistent scheduled time when homework is done daily. As a family come to an agreement and decide a period of time to allocate for the whole family to work on homework. If your child gets restless suggest that he/she gets up and moves to a new spot. When your child is struggling with a specific problem, help them by making a list of strategies that he/she can use to resolve the problem. After the student completes the homework it is important to check and make sure that they completed everything neatly. In addition, it is very important to ask students to explain to you what they completed and the process that they took to complete the assignment. Have a dictionary ready for your child to use when he gets stuck in a word or needs the definition to make meaning of he/she is reading. During school breaks it is important to have students continue their reading and practice sharing their comprehension.

    diciembre, 2018

    Estimadas Familias,

    Practicando lo que se aprende en la escuela es muy importante para sus hijos a interiorizar y aprender el nuevo material. Cuando los niños aprenden algo y para que esto se quede necesita ser practicado. Es muy importante decidir de manera consistente la hora programada cuando se hace la tarea diariamente. Como  familia lleguen a un acuerdo y decidir un período de tiempo para asignar a toda la familia a trabajar en la tarea. Si su hijo se pone inquieto sugiérale que él/ella se levante y se mueva a un nuevo lugar. Cuando su niño tenga dificultad con un problema específico,  ayúdele a hacer una lista de estrategias que él/ella puede utilizar para resolver el problema. Después  que el alumno complete la tarea, es importante que se la revise y asegúrese de que han completado todo perfectamente. Además, es muy importante que le pida a los estudiantes que le explique lo que completo y el proceso que  siguió para realizar la asignación. Tenga un diccionario preparado para que su hijo use cuando él no sepa  una palabra o si necesita la definición para que tenga sentido lo que él/ella está leyendo. Durante las vacaciones escolares es importante que los estudiantes continúen practicando su lectura  y compartiendo su comprensión.

    Assistant Principal's Message


    Report Card Distribution

    Don’t forget, report cards will come home Friday, November 17.  Check your child’s backpack to make sure you receive it.  Keep the report card but please RETURN the envelope and the letter signed to your child’s teacher Tuesday.

    Please remember that your child’s report card is an important document that you should keep. The office will NOT provide additional copies of your child’s report card.

    Distribución de Boleta de Calificaciones

    No se olvide las boletas de calificaciones irán a casa el viernes 17 de noviembre.  Revise la mochila de su niño para asegurarse que la reciba.  Quédese con la boleta pero por favor REGRESE el sobre y la carta firmada al maestro de su niño el martes. Por favor recuerde que la boleta de calificaciones es un documento importante que usted debe guardar. La oficina NO proveerá copias adicionales de la boleta de su niño

    Understanding the Common Core State Standards!

    What should my child be learning this year?

    Ideas on how to help your child progress.

    Helpful CCSS resources for parents!

     Click Here:

    ¿Qué debería aprender mi hijo este año?

    Ideas sobre cómo ayudar a su hijo/a progresar.

    ¡Recursos útiles de CCSS para los padres!

    Oprima Aquí:

    About Peachjar eflyers

    In the past, our schools sent home loads of flyers in students’ backpacks. As part of our efforts to be more environmentally friendly and to embrace innovative technology, we have moved from paper to a digital flyer delivery.

    With our Peachjar eflyer program, the eflyers will be sent directly to parents’ email inboxes as well as posted on school websites for easy access. All flyers may be accessed by clicking on the   logo. 

    Each year, our schools will save tons of paper and reduce copy costs by thousands of dollars. In addition, paperless delivery of school flyers removes a significant administrative burden from teachers, office staff, and volunteers.

    School and school district-approved eflyers will keep you informed about upcoming school activities, programs, and events. And our children's backpacks will be a little bit lighter!

    Tardies Effect Everyone

    We all know how hard it is to get ready in the morning but arriving to school on time is a very important habit to develop.  Children who arrive on time are better equipped to do well in school.  Students who are late are not only missing important instructional time, they are also disturbing the class when they arrive.  Please do your best to help your child arrive on time. It is best for your child to be in class before 8:30.

    Character Trait of the Month

    Character Counts!

    December is the month Cougars are working on the character trait entitled “Choose Wisely.” Cougars were working last month on Responsibility and will be extending their understanding of being reliable. They learned to think about all different possibilities of options when making decisions; now they will be able to execute those choices wisely.  Students showing the most consistent use of making positive choices will be selected by their teacher for an award presented at lunch on December 14th.

    ¡El Carácter Cuenta!

    Diciembre es el mes que los Pumas están trabajando en el  carácter titulado  “Escoge Sabiamente.” Los Pumas estuvieron trabajando en Responsabilidad y estarán  extendiendo sus conocimientos de ser responsables. El mes pasado ellos aprendieron a pensar acerca de diferentes posibilidades de opciones; ahora ellos podrán realizar esas opciones sabiamente.  Los estudiantes mostrando el más consistente uso de opciones positivas serán seleccionados por su maestro y reconocidos a la hora del almuerzo el 14 de diciembre.

    Vacations During The School Year
    There are only 180 days in the school year. It is extremely important that our students are in school every single day. We HIGHLY ENCOURAGE our parents to plan vacations based on the school calendar so that our students don’t miss any academic instruction. If you have any questions about the school calendar or any school holidays please come to the office and we will be happy to assist you. Our goal is to have all our students here all of the time. Please do you best to help make this possible.
    Keeping Contact Information Up to Date

    It is EXTREMELY important to keep your contact information up to date.  We have called several numbers that have been disconnected.  In the event of an emergency we would have no way to contact the family.  Please let the office know if you have a new phone number or address so that we can keep our information up to date and be able to reach you if your child is sick or injured.  


    Manteniendo Información Actualizada

    Es EXTREMADAMENTE importante mantener su información actualizada. Hemos llamado  a muchos números que han sido desconectados.  En caso de una emergencia no tendríamos ninguna forma de contactar a la familia. Por favor hágale saber a la oficina si usted tiene un número de teléfono nuevo o dirección y así poder tener nuestra información al día y poder contactarle si su niño está enfermo o lastimado.

    Get Involved - Involúcrese

    Get Involved at School

    Even with a busy schedule, it’s important to participate in your children’s education. Here are 5 ways how.

    1. Read the school handbook and all School notices. Check the school’s Web site regularly.
    2. Ask questions when you have concerns.
    3. Attend parent-teacher conferences, open house, and school events. If possible, go to school board meetings.
    4. Join the school parent-teacher organization (PTA) and participate in its activities.
    5.  Volunteer at school. It shows your kids you care about education and provides much needed help for the school. Contact your children’s teacher or principal for ways to get involved.


    Involúcrese en la escuela

    Aun con un horario muy ocupado, es importante participar en la educación de sus hijos. Aquí le indicamos 5 formas de cómo hacerlo.

    1. Lea el manual escolar y todas las notificaciones de la escuela. Verifique regularmente la página Web de la escuela.
    2. Haga preguntas cuando tenga cualquier inquietud.
    3. Asista a las conferencias de padres y maestros, a las reuniones y eventos de la escuela. De ser posible, asista a las juntas de la mesa directiva.
    4. Forme parte de la organización de padres de familia y maestros (PTA) de la escuela y participe en sus actividades.
    5. Sea voluntario de la escuela. Les indica a sus hijos que a usted le importa la educación y le proporciona a la escuela la ayuda que tanto requiere. Pingase en contacto con los maestros o el director de la escuela de sus hijos para averiguar formas en las que puede involucrarse.

    News from Patch

    Meal Applications

    Meal Payments

    School eFlyers!


    Upcoming Events

    12/9 Girls on the Run 5K at Golden Gate Park 8:30 Near Tea Garden

    12/18 ELAC Mtg. 3pm

    12/19 4th Grade 11am Winter Performance at Liberty Bank

    12/20 Winter Performance in Gym 9am

    Important Dates to Remember

    Every Wednesday Grades 1st - 5th Early Dismissal 1:46

    12/20 Minimum Day All Students Dismissal 12:50pm

    12/21 - 1/4/19 Winter Break

    1/7/19 Back to School 

    1/21/19 No School

    1/31/19 Family Math Night in Gym

    2/15/19 - 2/18/19 No School

    3/4/19 - 3/8/19 Conference Week Minimum Days Dismissal for All Grades 12:50pm

    3/25/19- 3/29/18 Spring Break No School

    4/11/19 Open House 6pm

    4/22/19 No School

    5/27/19 No School 

    5/29/19 & 5/31/19 Minimum Day Dismissal 12:50pm

    Early Release Dates

    Every Wednesday Grades 1st - 5th Early Dismissal 1:46

    12/20 Dismissal 12:50 for ALL Students 

    3/4/19-3/8/19 Conference Week 12:50 Dismissal for ALL Students

    5/29/19 & 5/30/19 Dismissal 12:50 for ALL Students

    DELAC and ELAC Meeting Dates

    ELAC 2:46pm at Spruce on 12/18, 1/15/19, 2/12/19, 3/21/19, 4/16/19 & 5/14/19 ---      DELAC 6pm 1/15/19 @ SSFHS (Van Pool pick up at Spruce 5:20), 3/12/19 @ Los Cerritos Elementary, 4/16/19 @ Ponderosa Elementary, 5/14/19 @ Sunshine Elementary 

    Common Core Math Help

    Lunch Money!!

    $1,986.74 is our current lunch balance and it keeps going higher. Each new School Year you must fill out a new lunch application (one per household). If you have not filled out a lunch application please go on line at under Meal Application or pick up a paper application in the office or at the District Office. Lunch is $2.80 per day and it adds up quickly. It is extremely important that your child's lunch is paid. If you have any question please call Nutrition Services at 650-877-8716. Please make payments toward your child's lunch account.

    Good nutrition leads to great academic performance

    Spruce Calendar

    Common Core State Standards

    Click the link below for information and introductory videos:

    Spruce cougar graphic
    Birthday Policy

    We need family support with following our school wide birthday policy regarding the celebration of student birthdays. We are consistent with all our families in all the grade levels regarding this. I understand that birthdays are special celebrations, but with the new mandated nutritional guidelines and the new Common Core we can’t afford to take nutritional risks or loose valuable instructional minutes. For these reasons, celebrations of student birthdays will not be permitted during the school day. Some teachers may have there own special traditions and practices for how to acknowledge student birthdays such as wearing a special sticker or crown, or picking a new pencil, which is okay to continue doing.


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    Spruce Garden!

    I would like to congratulate Room B5 (Mrs. Makovkin’s class) and B6 (Mrs. Del Bianco’s class) for enhancing the Spruce Garden. This past week Spruce was selected as a CBS cool school in the Bay Area for our Garden project and aired on the news. The children are receiving an opportunity to have hands on learning through the use of the garden and this is positively impacting their leaning and motivating their love for nurturing plants. The children are receiving the implementation of science and technology as they nurture the garden plants. It is my vision that other classes will eventually realize that hands on learning in the garden will have a great impact in motivating our kids. Check out the video: