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A= Act Honorably

Act Honorably


December is the “Act Honorably” Character Trait month. This month Cougars are focused on acting honorably every day. This trait focuses our efforts to show a high level of respect, merit, and worth towards ourselves and others. Having strength in your character and showing honesty with all that you do are key components of Acting Honorably.  Students selected for demonstrating this trait will be awarded on Wednesday, December 19th at lunch.


  1. Show respect towards self and others.
  2. Hold yourself and others in high regard.
  3. Be honest in your actions.
  4. Show merit and strength of character.
  5. Acting Honorably means doing what is right even when it’s difficult.




1.  Have a discussion about acting honorably with your family. Give examples of when you acted honorably at work, school, and home and what outcome you had when doing so.


2.  Make a family chart of this trait and see if you can track how often you are using it at home.


3.  For one week keep a daily record of all the times you could have but didn’t use this trait at home, at school, and everywhere else. Then talk about how it may have changed things if you had “Acted Honorably.”


4.  Pick one television program and watch it with your family. Afterward, have a family discussion about things people did in the program that were examples of either good or bad use of our trait.