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G= Give Your Best

Give Your Best


November is the “Give Your Best” Character Trait month. This month Cougars are focused on using giving their all with everything they do. This trait helps us to work hard no matter the obstacle and to try our best at all times.  It does not matter what anyone else is doing or who is watching, we should also have our best foot forward and give our best. Students selected for demonstrating this trait will be awarded on Friday, November 30th at lunch.


  1. Be in-charge of your own attitude, decisions and actions.
  2. Surround yourself with those who challenge and/or encourage your efforts.
  3. Make efforts to better your skills and improve your quality of life constantly.
  4. Let past disappointments be the platform on which you stand to overcome present and future challenges.
  5. Make giving your best a lifelong effort.




1.  Have a discussion about giving your best in the family. Give examples of when you gave your best at work, school, and home and what outcome you had when doing so.


2.  Make a family chart of this trait and see if you can track how often you are using it at home.


3.  For one week keep a daily record of all the times you could have but didn’t use this trait at home, at school, and everywhere else. Then talk about how it may have changed things if you had “Given Your Best.”


4.  Pick one television program and watch it with your family. Afterward, have a family discussion about things people did in the program that were examples of either good or bad use of our trait.