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Uniform & Dress Code

Spruce school has a strict, color-specific dress code. Read below for more information or

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Students are required to wear a complete and clean uniform to school every day. Write your child's name on the inside of all garments.



Spruce Spirit WearSpruce Logo sweatshirt or T-shirt, sold by PTA only.

Polo Shirts/Blouses/TurtlenecksPlain solid white or navy blue with collar. Shirts and blouses may have long or short sleeves.  Only Spruce Logo allowed on shirts.

Undershirts/Tank tops: Plain, solid white only.

Pants/Shorts:  Plain solid navy blue that fit at the waist. Must be hemmed buttoned & zipped.

Jumper/Skirts/Shorts/Dresses:Plain, solid navy blue or Spruce plaid.  Must be hemmed, buttoned and zipped and fall to the knee.

Belts:Plain, solid black or brown only.  Must be proper size fitted to waist.

Footwear/Boots:Plain, solid black, brown, beige or white, must be flat-heeled and close-toe or have heel straps. Shoes with laces must be tied properly.

Socks/Tights: Plain, solid white or navy

LeggingsPlain, solid white or navy. Must be worn with skirt, pants or shorts.

SweatersPlain, solid navy blue or white.

Sweatshirts/Hooded SweatshirtsPlain, solid navy blue. Only Spruce logo allowed on sweatshirts. **Note: plain, solid navy blue hooded sweatshirts are part of the school uniform and considered different from outerwear and jackets.

Outerwear JacketsNavy blue preferred.  No logos or writing of any kind.  No Sport Team jackets allowed.

GroomingStudents must be clean and neatly groomed with shirts tucked in. No exaggerated or distracting hairstyles or hair color.


Hats and caps of any kind are not allowed. Students will be allowed to wear hats when outside for warmth or protection from the sun. Students will not be  allowed to wear hats in the buildings or classroom.

No jeans.

No patterns, prints or colors other than blue, white and official Spruce plaid.

No oversized clothing allowed (no sagging).

No ragged or torn clothing of any kind is permitted.

No spandex fabric for pants or shorts is allowed.

No leggings

No short shorts, low necklines or backless, bare midriffs, mesh-type garments, or tank tops are permitted.

No high heels shoes or sandals.

No make-up, lipstick, or nail polish.

No jewelry can be seen except for very small stud earrings. No hoops or dangles. No rings. No bracelets.

No emblems, sports logos, lettering of any kind, symbols, signs, or designs may be worn on clothing except for Spruce school logos.
**Gang attire is considered a threat to student safety and general welfare.




Please contact Mrs. Ortiz or Mr. Castillo (650-877-8780) if you have any questions regarding noncompliance procedures.